CARBON PREPREG / 200GSM / PW / 3K / T300 / 1250MM


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CARBON PREPREG / 205GSM / PW / 3K / T300 / 1250MM

The DT806 group of resins are in the low to medium viscosity range. DT806 prepregs are suitable for processing by oven vacuum bag curing.
Flexible cure characteristics between 65°C and 140°C
The recommended cure cycles cover curing up to 120°C for the conventional bagging

Main features are:
► Maximum DMA Tg of 135°C
► Processing by oven vacuum bag, autoclave curing, and press molding
► Flexible cure characteristics between 65°C and 140°C
► 21 days out life at 21°C
► Low tack DT806R, Medium tack DT806W

Gel Times
50 to 60 minutes @ 80°C
15 to 19 minutes @ 100°C
4 to 6 minutes @ 120°C
2 to 3 minutes @ 130°C

All these cure cycles use an initial heating ramp rate of 1 to 3°C/min from room temperature to the cure
temperature. A vacuum should be applied to the bagged component during cure. For autoclave bag curing,
the applied cure pressure must be between 3.0 and 6.0 bar.

Oven Vacuum Bag and Autoclave Curing Cycles
The following are recommended cycles up to 120°C:
Cycle 1: 16 Hours @ 65°C
Cycle 2: 10 Hours @ 70°C
Cycle 3: 5 Hours @ 80°C.
Cycle 4: 3 Hours @ 90°C.
Cycle 5: 1.5 Hours @ 100°C.
Cycle 6: 1.0 Hours @ 110°C.
Cycle 7: 1.0 Hour @ 120°C.

Post-Cure Options for Low and Reduced Temperature Cures
The free-standing post-cure cycle is:
– Heat the part at 2°C/ minute ramp rate to the initial cure temperature (either 65°C, 70°C,
80°C, 90°C or 100°C).
– Slow the ramp rate.
– Heat the part at 0.3°C/min (20°C/Hour) to 120°C (*Important).
– Dwell at 120°C for 1 Hour.
– Cool the part at 2°C/min.
Note: *The reduced ramp rate is essential for even development of Tg in the part and avoiding
part distortion.






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CARBON PREPREG / 200GSM / PW / 3K / T300 / 1250MM